Harira - A traditional Moroccan styled soup

made from chick peas, lentils, tomatoes,

onion, parsley and coriander

Bissara - Traditional Moroccan soup made

from green split peas, garlic, olive oil and

Moroccan spices

Lentil Soup - Made from green lentils,

onion, garlic, coriander, tomatoes

and Moroccan spices



(All dips are served with bread)

Zalook - Made from eggplant, tomatoes

garlic, parsley, lemon and a mix of

Moroccan spices

Zucchini Dip - Zucchini, tomatoes, garlic

parsley, olives, sauteed with

Moroccan spices

Taktooka - Roasted capsicum, tomatoes

garlic, black pepper, coriander

chilli powder

Goat Cheese - goat cheese mixed with

oregano and olive oil

Hummus - Chick peas, olive oil, sesame seed

paste, garlic, lemon, vinegar

herbs and spices

Mix Dips - A full selection of the above dips

Moroccan Harissa - hand made hot chilli sauce with

mix of moroccan spices



Special Moroccan salad - Tomatoes, roast

Capsicum, onion, parsley, cucumber with a

Moroccan dressing

Moroccan Potato salad - With potato, garlic

Coriander, onion, black pepper, red chilli

Cumin all sauteed in olive oil

Carrot salad - Carrot, garlic, parsley and

Spices, vinegar all sauteed in olive oil

Beetroot salad - Beetroot, garlic, parsley

Olive oil with Moroccan dressing

Salata Loubiya - Green beans, garlic

Parsley and spices all sauteed in olive oil

Spicy Spinach Salad - Spinach sauteed in Olive oil

with Garlic, parsley, coriander, lemon, olives

and Moroccan Spices



(Served with rice and Moroccan salad)

Mixed Grill - Lamb, chicken, kefta,

merguez sausage, served with hummus and bread

Kefta Machwiya - Mince meat mixed with

Moroccan spices, marinated and cooked in a

Moroccan charcoal oven

Lamb OR Beef Machwiya - Your choice of either

Lamb or Beef skewered and marinated in olive oil

lemon with Moroccan herbs and spices

and cooked in a Moroccan charcoal oven

Chicken Machwiya - Chicken skewered and

marinated in olive oil with Moroccan herbs and

spices and cooked in a Moroccan charcoal oven

Quail - Quail Marinated in Moroccan spices,

grilled served with Salad and Grilled Eggplant 

Prawn Machwiya - Prawns marinated in Moroccan spices,

grilled, served with salad and a spicy Moroccan sauce


Tajine - Seafood tajine with tomato, garlic, lemon

capsicum, parsley cooked with

hot Moroccan spices and herbs

Grilled Fish - Fresh marinated bass fillet with olive

oil, lemon and Moroccan herbs and spices served

with Moroccan salad and rice

Fresh Prawns - Sauteed prawns with thick cream

garlic, corriander, black pepper, served with rice

Fish Tajine - Fish simmered in a spicy tomato

onion, garlic and herb sauce with capsicum

and olives



Lamb Couscous - A traditional Moroccan dish.

Couscous is steamed over spiced lamb and vegetables

Chicken Couscous - Couscous steamed in a couscousier

Over spiced chicken pieces and served with an

Assortment of vegetables

Vegetarian Couscous - Couscous steamed in a

couscousier steamed over spiced vegetables

Sweet Beef Couscous - Couscous steamed in a

couscousier served with onions and sultanas saut?ed in butter

with Moroccan spices



(All tajines served with bread or rice)

Lamb Tajine - Tender lamb gently cooked

with vegetables and a Moroccan herb sauce

Meatball Tajine - Tasty lean meatballs simmered

in a spicy tomato, onion, garlic and herb sauce

Chicken Tajine - Chicken marinated in aromatic

Moroccan spices, garnished with olives and lemon

Vegetarian Tajine - Mixed vegetables gently

cooked with Moroccan herbs and spices

Goat Tajine - Goat and mixed vegetables gently

cooked with a mix of Moroccan herbs and spices

Beef Tajine - Tender Beef, Okra, Olives, Parsley

Garlic, Onion and Moroccan spices